Buy Raw, Eat Cooked

Module 1 of the Colon Karma Cure

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Module 1 contains a 45-minute interview with Dr. Helen Mary Thomas, The Indigestion Guru. Here she talks about how to used cooked food to overcome indigestion. The module includes a 2-page handout the outlines the main points and action items.

Here's a Glimpse of What Module 1 Contains:

  • Salads – Just Say No!  Why you need to avoid eating raw “healthy” salads. In this module, I explain how you should get your veggies instead. Say goodbye to half your bloating!
  • Microscopic Menaces: You may be eating too much bacteria, mold, viruses and parasites. Not ideal for someone with a weak intestine. Find out how to avoid this microscopic invasion in Module One.
  • Give Your Gut a Break! Ayurvedic focuses on making sure each dish you eat achieves “maximum digestibility.” Find out how in this week's Module.
  • If You Must Eat Raw: Are determined to eat raw foods? Then follow the instructions I give in today's audio for counter balancing the negative effects.
  • The 90/10 Rule: You may only be getting 10% of the nutrients contained in vegetables you eat. Find out why in today's Module. Plus I'll show you how to get 90% instead.
  • Work With Opposites: If you're suffering indigestion, you most likely have an excess of two elements. I explain exactly what they are in today's module. Plus, I show you which opposing two elements will help bring balance.
  • Ayurvedic Approach to Cooking Vegetables: In this week's Module, find out how to cook vegetables to digestible perfection. Plus, they'll taste delicious! Not your grandmother's recipe.
  • Fruit to Cook and Fruit to Eat Raw: Which fruits are safe to eat raw even if you have the worst case of indigestion? Revealed in Module 1.
  • What About Lettuce?: Find out when you can eat lettuce without gas and bloating. And how to prepare it using a special “dressing.”
  • Best Dish For Vatas: Discover what Ayurvedic considers the easiest type of food for you to eat. It's simple to make. Plus, it tastes very comforting. Revealed in today's premier module.
  • Four Forms of Cooking to Avoid: Cooking your food in four specific ways will turn them into poisons. All four unveiled in today's Module.
  • Broiling and the BBQ: Find out how to help food retain its digestibility when broiling, roasting or barbequing.
  • Deep Frying: Find out whether deep fried foods will help or hurt your digestion.
  • Popcorn: Discover which type of popcorn to avoid if you don't like being constipated. Plus, I explain how to prepare popcorn for maximum digestibility.
  • Want Something Raw to Chew On? Eating 3-4 raw seeds – from a specific plant -- after each meal will help digestion. Discover which types of seeds in Module 1.

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