A 6,000 Year Old Cure For
Constipation, Bloating, Gas & Diarrhea

Dr. Helen Mary Thomas
Dr. Helen Mary Thomas
Do you suffer from any of these symptoms:

  • Diarrhea
  • Undigested food showing up in your stools
  • Constipation
  • Bloated belly
  • Gas (Flatulence)
  • Poor appetite
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Pain in abdomen

Maybe you've been told you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or “yeast infection” (Candida). Maybe you have colitis, diverticulosis or Crohn's disease. Maybe you just have a weak digestion.

If You are Currently Suffering From Any of the Above
I Bet 3 Things Are Very True For You...

  1. 1.  You have not been able to find any lasting relief from doctors, Doesn't matter whether they're “mainstream” or “alternative.” Your tummy still hurts.
  2. 2.  You're condition has been getting worse – not better. Doesn't matter how many supplements or enzymes you take. You're still unbuttoning your pants after most meals.
  3. 3.  You've finally come to the right place. You're going to quickly see why most cures for indigestion are only band aids.

In fact, most doctors don't even understand what is really wrong with your gut. They call it “Irritable Bowel Syndrome.” That simply means that your bowels are irritated. That's only describing the symptoms, not the cause.

Forget About Irritable Bowel Syndrome...
You're Suffering from Vata Indigestion!

People who suffer bloating, constipation and diarrhea have what we call in Ayurveda “Vata Indigestion.” Four common causes of Vata Indigestion include:

  1. 1.  Fast & Light: Some people suffer Vata Indigestion because they were born with a “vata body.” They are naturally thin. They think fast. They talk fast. They move fast. They are imaginative. No matter what they eat they don't gain weight. This type of body and mind is very prone to digestive problems.
  2. 2.  “On The Go” Lifestyle: Others suffer Vata Indigestion because they are exposed to “vata circumstances.” They may take a flight more than once a month. Maybe they work in the transportation industry (stewardess or an truck driver). Or they may perform in the theatre or are a travelling musician. Or maybe you just have three kids who keep you moving constantly. 
  3. 3.  Cold or Dry Climate: Vata Indigestion can also be caused by dry climates (e.g. Arizona) or cold climates (e.g. Canada). Worse is when you live in a dry and cold climate. If there's snow on the ground... that's bad news for people with Vata Indigestion.
  4. 4.  57 Years and Older: In fact, just being over 57 years of age throws you into the “vata” period of life. It's no wonder seniors buy more laxatives than any other age group.

In short, if you're naturally thin... if your lifestyle is chaotic or involves a lot of travelling... if you live in a cold or dry region... if you are over 57... then you're a prime candidate for Vata Indigestion. If all four points apply to your situation... then I'd wager your suffering intense indigestion and pain.

Not to worry, though...

I've Been Helping People Suffering
Severe Indigestion for Over 25 Years

Since 1985 I've been running a clinic in Santa Rosa, California. But my cure for “colon karma” dates back to 3,000 B.C., India.

I've long been unsatisfied with the limited system of healthcare used in the Western world. My search for a better way led me to Deepak Chopra. In 1987 Deepak Chopra introduced me to Ayurveda. 

Ayurveda is not like other natural therapies. It doesn't require you spend enormous amounts of money on medicines and supplements.

Ayurveda helps you understand how your body works. Because your body is different than another person, you need to treat it differently. Ayurveda shows you how to find your unique balance.

Most of the Advice Out There For Digestive Problems is Borderline Dangerous

Raw foods, for example, are not a good idea if you're suffering Vata Indigestion.. Low-fat diet... another bad idea. Wheat-free diet is sometimes necessary – but more often than not it won't make much difference.

I'm going to be frank... The conventional medicine hasn't a clue how to deal with digestive problems. Unless you have a life-threatening condition there isn't much they can do.

Alternative health doctors can be a little more useful. But most are still figuring things out. Much of what they recommend will make your gut worse. At the very best... it'll help a little. But it may cost you a fortune in supplements and tonics.

How I've Cured Even the Most
Chronic Cases of “Colon Karma”

Why reinvent the wheel for healing indigestion? 6,000 years ago Ayurveda already “cracked the colon karma code.”

The scientists of ancient India divided every thing, person and condition into three different categories: Vata, pitta and kapha.

Problems of the lower digestion system are a result of too much “vata” in your life. Too many vata foods. Too much vata activity. Too many vata thoughts. Too much vata weather.

Too much vata in your body, your surroundings or your lifestyle results in... Vata Indigestion.

Another way to look at it is... Indigestion of the lower digestive tract is caused by too much vata in your body, your surroundings or your lifestyle.

Now you can't get a new body. But that doesn't mean you need to suffer indigestion for the rest of your life. Change what you can.

Avoid foods with a vata quality (like raw salads). Eat foods that help pacify your condition (like cooked foods and clarified butter).

Avoid vata activities (like running a marathon). Focus on activities that help heal your Vata Indigestion (like yoga).

Avoid conditions that stimulate vata (like watching “24”). Expose yourself to conditions that calm vata (like listening to classical music).

The most wonderful thing about the Ayurveda approach is that it feels wonderful. Your body will immediately respond in a positive way. You won't have to force down any food your body finds disagreeable. You'll fall in love with the lifestyle changes.

Cure Your Digestive Problems
Without Ever Visiting My Clinic

Most people do not live near my clinic. And there are very few Ayurvedic doctors available outside of India. So how to help the millions of in the English-speaking world who suffer from digestive problems?

That's where the Colon Karma Cure Program comes in.

The Colon Karma Cure is a 30-week program I created for overcoming Vata indigestion. Each week you receive a new module via email. Each modules contains a 30-minute audio interview with me. You'll also be able to download a 2-page summary of the main points covered.

Each weekly audio focuses on a different dietary or lifestyle change. This simple guidelines get rid of the bloating, gas, diarrhea and constipation. You'll start seeing results almost immediately. I'm not exaggerating.

It Only Takes Five Clicks of the Mouse
To Download Your Weekly Modules

The weekly format makes it easy for you to follow the Colon Karma Cure Program:

  1. 1.  You click a link inside the email you'll receive every 7 days.
  2. 2.  You'll be brought to a download page.
  3. 3.  Just click on the files and they'll be saved to your computer.
  4. 4.  You can then listen to the audio on your computer or transfer the file to a portable MP3 player (like an iPod).
  5. 5.  You can also read it on screen or print it out.

If you need help just call our office. Someone will walk you through the process on the phone.

30 Weekly “Virtual” Consultations

Put aside one-hour each week to listen to the audios and read the handouts. Just sit back and pretend you're visiting my clinic here in sunny California. If you're really stuck on time, listen to the modules while travelling or eating.

Each week I focus on a specific dietary or lifestyle change. I don't bombard you with a long list of major changes to make. We take it one step at a time. You have the whole week to test out the new dietary or lifestyle change.

I focus on the most important dietary and lifestyle changes first. This way you'll start to see relief immediately.

Get Instant Access to Module One
“Buy Raw, Eat Cooked

The very first Colon Karma Cure Module is called “Buy Raw, Eat Cooked.” One of the most important changes you can make to your diet is to eat mainly freshly cooked food.

I know, I know, “health gurus” say that raw vegetables are full of enzymes which help you break down food.

Enzymes are only one piece to the digestive puzzle.

Listen to Module One. You'll get access to Module One as soon as you register. Follow the instructions in Module One  about how to properly prepare cooked food. Try that for even a few days and your belly will start to feel relief.

Don't Take My Word For Anything
Listen to Your Gut (Literally)

Other health programs require a lot of “blind faith.” You must endure foods and lifestyle changes that are unpleasant from the beginning.

A good example are people who suffer indigestion and go on long juice fasts. Sure their gut feel betters (they aren't eating anything!) but they suffer headaches, extreme fatigue and blood sugar problems. They are told they are going through a “cleansing reaction.” Keep on suffering, it's good for you!

The Colon Karma Cure is different. Your body will let you know right away that you are doing the right thing. Not only will your digestion begin to improve. Emotionally you'll feel “soothed.” Other health issues will also improve. If you have trouble sleeping, you'll start to sleep better. Your sex life will improve. Your energy levels will increase.

Ayurveda Isn't Folk Medicine
It's a Science

I like to know how things work and why. I bet you do to. So I spend part of each module explaining WHY these dietary and lifestyle changes will improve you digestion.

Hear why cooked food is better for someone (like you) who suffers Vata Indigestion. I'll explain why raw apples may be killing you. I'll clearly explain why bananas and milk are a colon curdling combination.

I want to make sure you understand everything. But I also want to keep things simple.  I've been studying and practicing Ayurveda for over 25 years. I also have a degree in chiropractic. Sometimes what seems simple to me, isn't clear to others.

So John C. A. Manley is here to make sure I keep things simple so anybody can follow the program. (John is not to be confused with the Canadian politician of the same name.)

40 Pounds Underweight.
Chronic Constipation and Diarrhea.
Insomnia. Bloating. Gas.
Cured With Ayurveda!

John Manley with his wife Nicole and son Jonah
John Manley with his wife Nicole and son Jonah. (Photo Copyright 2010 by Mindy Gough)
There's another reason John C. A. Manley co-hosts the modules with me... He's not only the interviewer, he's also a client.

John was born with a “vata body.” Like his father, he doesn't gain weight easily. He also lives in a very vata climate, Canada. Wintertime temperatures drop as low as-30°C (-22°F).

It's no wonder that from birth he suffered severe Vata Indigestion. By 1996, his already thin body went from 140 lbs to 100 lbs. He developed a hernia. He had no energy. His gut bothered him so much he could hardly sleep.

Fortunately, it was at that time that he discovered Ayurveda. He'd already seen a gastrointestinal specialist, two naturopaths and a herbalist. Only with Ayurveda did he start to find real relief.

Baby Suffering Vata Indigestion
Parents Suffering Sleep Deprivation

Fast forward ten years... John and I met through the internet (like you and I are doing now). John was still suffering from indigestion and only considered himself 60% cured.

His interest in Ayurveda was renewed when, in 2007, his life became much more complicated. He had a baby boy who inherited his Vata Indigestion. John and his wife were getting no sleep because little Jonah suffered such bad gas, bloating and constipation.

I helped John and Jonah in the same way I want to help you with the Colon Karma Cure. Today John has returned to his normal weight. Jonah rarely has any digestive problems. He sleeps soundly. All thanks to Ayurveda.

So John will also be there with you through this 30 week journey. With each weekly module he'll ask the questions that I expect you'd ask me if we were meeting face-to-face in my clinic.

A Glimpse of What's Coming In the Colon Karma Cure

  • Apple Attack: Discover why apples may be causing you severe indigestion. I'll show you how to still enjoy this nutritious fruit without the bloating and constipation. That and much more in Module 1.
  • Milk and Bread: Drinking milk with certain types of breads is a recipe for suffering. Find out which breads are safe to eat with milk and which are not. Revealed in Module 2 along with four other Ferocious Food Combinations you want to avoid.
  • Soothe Your Gut: How to get your largest organ (your skin) to absorb a medicinal oil which will heal your gut. This one strategy – revealed in Module 6 – will immediately calm your nervous digestive system.
  • The Dairy Dichotomy: Some say milk is the food of the gods. Some same it is poison. I'll share you with the Ayurvedic viewpoint on dairy. Discover how to select and prepare milk correctly, so that it helps heal your gut (Module 7).
  • Sleep, Eat and Be Healthy: In order for your gut to work you need plenty of deep sleep. That's why Modules 8, 36, 39 and 45 focus on helping you fall to sleep easily, sleep deeply and wake up refreshed.
  • No Fat, No Way: It's critical you start eating healthy fats. They are essential to lubricating your colon. Specific fats are very pacifying to vata indigestion. The wrong fats, however, can make your condition worse. Check out Module 13.
  • Restaurant Survival Guide: Find out why Italian restaurants are one of the best places to go when suffering Vata Indigestion. Module 25 helps you choose restaurants and menu items that won't leave you with a stomach ache and a doggy bag.
  • Not Your Mother's Enema: Pouring a gallon of water into your rectum really isn't a good idea. It may offer some immediate relief but can cause long-term damage. Find out why water enemas are a bad idea in Module 28. Plus, find out how to do a far easier, safer and soothing waterless enema.
  • Microbe Management: One of the reasons you are probably suffering so much Vata Indigestion is because you are consuming too much bacteria, wild yeast and mold. In Modules 35 and 37, I show how to deal with leftover foods and “unrecognized” leftovers.
  • Environment is Stronger Than Indigestion: In Module 46 I talk about how to reduce the negative effects travelling has on indigestion. I also share with you a list of the best places to live or visit (Module 42). The right climate can do wonders for your gut.

In the 30-week program we'll cover much, much more to help your gut. You're not expected to do everything. Simply commit to the top 20% of the strategies best suited to your situation. Do that and you'll probably get 80% of the results.

We also cover: Careers best suited for people suffering Vata Indigestion. Vata emotional imbalances. Safe cookware. Alcohol. Electromagnetic disturbances. Television. Juicing. Exercise. Healing herbs and soothing spices. Gentle cleanses. The three forms of meditation. Snacking. Seasons and the cycles of life. And much more.

The Colon Karma Cure doesn't just balance your digestion... it brings balance to your whole life.

Save $1,940.55 on 15 Hours of Consulting

Each module is at least 30-minutes in length. There are 30 of them. That's over 15 hours of “virtual consultation” time.

If you were to see me in my clinic or have a phone consult, my hourly rate is $185. So all 15 hours of the Colon Karma Cure Program would cost $2,775.

But the Colon Karma Cure Program does not cost anything close to that. You only need to pay $159.60. that's a savings of $2,615.40. Once you consider the additional money saved on travelling to my clinic the cost savings are dramatic.

Pay As You Go

Even better... We've broken the program fee up into 8 easy payments of $19.95 every month. You can't even get a chiropractic adjustment for under $30.00. But for a mere $19.95 you'll receive the first four modules of the Colon Karma Cure, including 2 hours of audio instruction plus 8 pages of handouts.

That's less than $5.00 a week. Isn't curing your digestive problems worth $5.00 a week?

Plus, consider how much extra money you might be able to earn. I assume your digestive problems have interfered with your productivity? If you felt better and slept better I bet you could make triple back what you invest in the Colon Karma Cure.

Plus, just think of all the money you're going to save on health care costs down the road. You know the old saying, “Disease begins in the colon.” If your digestive tract is not working properly, it's only a matter of time before the rest of the body starts falling apart. How can you stay healthy if you're not absorbing food properly and getting rid of toxins?

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

What if you join the Colon Karma Cure and after the first few modules you decide this isn't for you? Simply call or email. Let us know. We'll refund you and stop any future charges.

What if you get to Module 8 and decide to quit? Just let us know and we'll refund you the last two charges to your card and stop any future billing payments.

In fact, at any time in the program you can cancel. We'll stop any future charges. Plus you can request a refund on any charges made up to 60 days prior.

So there is no risk to your bank account. You can register now. Test out the program for 60 days. I'm making this an easy choice for you. You're stressed enough, I'm sure. Relax and know that that at any time in the next 60 days you can get all your money back.

Even four weeks in the Colon Karma Cure should bring serious relief from your digestive problems. That's why I boldly make the above guarantee. Once you experience the total body relief that the Colon Karma Cure brings you will not want to cancel. In fact, I think you'll agree it's worth far more money than I'm charging.

Here's What I Promise You'll Get
From the Colon Karma Cure

  • An end to embarrassing and stinky gas.
  • A flat tummy instead of a bloated belly.
  • No more unbuttoning your pants after each meal.
  • Daily, soft, easy bowel movements. No constipation. No diarrhea.

Follow the 30-week program. If you don't see these results. Let me know. And I'll either personally help you get better or give you all your money back.

Here's What Else You Can Expect...

The Colon Karma Cure doesn't just help your gut. It helps your entire body and mind. Here's what else you can expect:

  • Sleep more deeply, Wake up rested.
  • Have more energy that doesn't go up and down like a roller coaster.
  • Menstrual problems will diminish or disappear.
  • Anxiety and fears will not bother you as much.
  • Dry skin and dandruff may vanish.

Again, this is for less than $5.00 a week.

Are You Sick of Being Sick?

2,600 years the sage Lao Tzu wrote: “Only when you are sick of being sick can you be cured.”

The fact you have found this website is a sign that you are “sick of being sick” with Vata Indigestion.

You are ready to be cured.

The pain of standing still is too great.

It's time to move forward. Why suffer the discomfort, embarrassment and inconvenience of digestive problems any longer.

Please click here and give the Colon Karma Cure a try.  If you have any questions or want to sign up over the phone please call (707) 527-7313.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Helen Mary Thomas
The Indigestion Guru

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